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A website search engine enables visitors to search the content of large websites quickly and easily, helping them to find information they might otherwise miss.  Wrensoft's Zoom search engine is a downloadable software product, while others, such as SiteMiner and Google's Custom Search Engine, are hosted services.

SiteMiner is a service for searching the contents of individual websites.  Indexing takes place within 24 hours of your request, thereby providing visitors with timely access to new or updated page contents.  Real time reports provide helpful insights to all searches conducted on an individual site.  As a result, you can better manage its content.  Help your visitors easily navigate your web pages, or the entire web, at your option.

Featuring scalability, high-speed search, unlimited re-indexing, and complete customization options, SiteMiner is one of the most powerful search-enabling services available on the web.

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