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WatchDog is a 24-hour site monitoring service which instantly notifies selected contacts when a site cannot be accessed from any of the five global WatchDog monitoring locations.  Web site administrators receive weekly email reports summarizing site status, and can access real-time reports detailing uptime and load time performance as well as archived histories.

WatchDog will try to connect to your site at regular intervals (you specify the frequency) and will make page requests from five remote locations:  San Francisco, California; Sterling, Virginia; Chicago, Illinois; Austin, Texas; and London, United Kingdom.  If it cannot access your site, those on your contact list are notified via email or text-based pager.  This distributed monitoring will provide you with uptime and load time analyses and alerts to help you pinpoint site availability problems before they impact your Web business.

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For monitoring your website's usage patterns with a wide range of statistical reports, check out SuperStats — the Web's Site Traffic Authority.

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