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"Before we found SuperStats, we had tried a number of other stats services and they were all undependable and sorely lacking.  SuperStats fills the bill when it comes to reliable visitor statistics, an incredibly broad range of statistics tracked, and an excellent support staff."
– Peter Monitcup

"SuperStats has given us access to accurate, real-time traffic reporting data.  This has allowed us to optimize both the performance of our site and ad spending, increasing traffic, conversion and consequently sales and revenue."
– Mike Lee, Senior Online Manager, Handspring.

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SuperStats is the web's site tracking authority, invisibly logging visitors and offering a wide range of real-time statistical reports and graphs on web site traffic.  With this info, webmasters can monitor their traffic, profile their visitors, and measure their web site's marketing effectiveness.  SuperStats provides instant statistical updates with the convenience of easy installation, and is a leading tracking and analysis tool.

SuperStats is available in 3 service levels:

  • Standard includes several reports and offers basic page view and visitor reporting.

  • Professional includes over 100 report variations and offers all Standard features plus visitor profile reports and site path reporting.  A Best Buy!

  • Premium includes over 500 report variations and offers all Professional features plus ecommerce, HTML analysis, and server monitoring.

Why Do All Web Sites Need Statistical Tracking?

  • Gain valuable insight into your visitors' behavior — which parts of your site your visitors view and where you lose them.
  • Measure your marketing efforts.  Look at trends in traffic during a particular marketing campaign.
  • Attract quality advertisers to your site.  Page views and visitors are vital Web site statistics, often requested by serious advertisers.
  • Optimize your site for search engines.  Find out which keywords and search engines visitors are using to find your site.  Keep your listings fresh on those search engines; optimize and submit your site to those search engines where your site is not listed.

In summary, every web site needs to track visitor statistics because these statistics provide valuable information that will attract advertisers, measure marketing efforts, and help optimize a web site for maximum sales.

Many informed webmasters have come to rely on SuperStats as a crucial web site management tool.  To find the service level that will work best for your business, review this list of real time reports and graphs available through SuperStats.  Sign up today, and start tracking your web site visitors!

SuperStats Service Level Report List
  Standard Professional Premium
Page Views X X X
Unique Visitors X X X
Referrers X X X
Visitor Detail X X X
Most Popular Pages   X X
Most Active Organizations   X X
Domains   X X
Search Engines   X X
Search Engine Keywords   X X
Time Spent on Page   X X
Time Spent on Site   X X
Return Frequency   X X
Return Visitors   X X
Browsers   X X
Browser Height/Width   X X
Operating Systems   X X
Monitor Color Depth   X X
Monitor Resolution   X X
Time Zones   X X
Countries   X X
Languages   X X
Java   X X
Javascript   X X
Cookies   X X
Last 100 Visitors   X X
Site Path   X X
Entry Page   X X
Exit Page   X X
Page Reloads   X X
Previous Page   X X
Next Page   X X
Page Depth   X X
Visit Depth   X X
Single Access Pages   X X
Site Path by Visit Number   X X
Page Depth by Visit Number   X X
MS Excel Reports   X X
MS Word Reports   X X
Comma Delimited Reports   X X
Adobe Acrobat Reports   X X
Text Only Reports   X X
Pages Viewed by Key Visitors     X
Key Visitors     X
Most Popular Channels     X
Most Popular Servers     X
Complete Transactions     X
Source of Revenue     X
Cost per Acquisition     X
Customer Detail     X
SSL Tracking     X
Properties     X
Premium Support     X
Page Views by Channel     X
Page Views by Property     X
Page Views by Server     X
Pages Not Found     X
Most Popular Links     X
Load Time     X
Load Time vs. Page Views     X
Business 50 Index     X
Uptime Percentage     X
Uptime by Hour     X
Uptime by Location     X
Diagnostic Summary     X
Image Compression     X
HTML Analysis     X
Browser Compatibility     X
Search Engine Readiness     X
Link Check     X
Site Popularity     X
Spelling Errors     X

Detailed Report Descriptions

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