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web site hit counter
This customizable Counter displays the number of hits or unique visitors to a web page.  Offering a variety of style options, its professional appearance will co-ordinate with the design of virtually any web site.  And unlike some web page visitor counters, this Counter does not require distracting ad banners or buttons on your site!

Counter's IP address exclusion feature allows you to visit your own site without skewing visitor data, and its invisible counter option allows you to track hits without showing your results to visitors.  By providing independent third-party auditing with the most accurate hit-counting service available, this Counter has emerged as the leading counter service on the web.

Sign up for a year, and start tracking your web page visitors inexpensively with this easily installed Counter!

For tracking visitors to multiple pages on your site, and for a wide range of statistical reports about your website's visitors, check out SuperStats — the web's site traffic authority.

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