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html colors symbol HTML Colors is our complimentary tool which enables you to test the 216 'safe' HTML colors with various browsers and display settings.  Use its movable, resizable, color swatches to experiment with various web page color schemes and layouts.

Each HTML color is defined by a 6-digit (hexadecimal) color code, consisting of three 2-digit RGB intensity levels (for red, green, and blue, respectively).  For example, red is "FF0000", green is "00FF00", and blue is "0000FF".  Black is "000000", while white is "FFFFFF".  Lower intensities produce darker colors, whereas higher intensities produce brighter colors.

Use HTML Colors to try out patterns like these ...

Sidebars ...
Banners ...
Overlays ...

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to try HTML Colors.
html colors
To use HTML Colors, click on the gradient box shown at right.  To test a more extensive range of web site colors, visit our HTML Color Chart site.  To learn about other web site tools, use the links at upper left.

Other Webmaster Resources

  • Linda Weinman's Browser-Safe Palette History provides an interesting historical perspective about the development of the browser-safe web palette.
  • Color printers can be used to print HTML color swatches and also to test web site layouts and designs.

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